Hunt & Gather creates unforgettable eCommerce experiences that deliver exceptional business results.


At Hunt & Gather, we live and breathe eCommerce. We understand the nuances, know the technology, and have an extensive track record of making it work for our clients. We’ve been designing, building, managing and marketing eCommerce websites since 2002 and our clients currently process over $500M in orders each year.

eCommerce has a lot of moving parts, so we’ve developed a robust methodology to reduce complexity. It combines calculation & creativity, form & function, smarts & artistry, analysis & intuition. We call it Smartistry. And it informs everything we do:

We’re eCommerce technology specialists. We’ve deployed hundreds of eCommerce sites and updates, from the simple to the mind-bogglingly complex. We support what we develop ourselves, so we get it right the first time.

We put your customers first. We’ll deliver an eCommerce experience that’s customer-centric and seamless across every touchpoint—from the moment a customer lands on your site to the moment the package lands on their doorstep, and beyond.

We’re all about results. Everything we do is focused on driving quantifiable results for your business. We measure, test, optimize and then do it all over again.

Let’s talk about how we can deliver results for you.

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Hunt & Gather is a full service digital agency. We have expertise in Analysis, Strategy & Planning, Technology, Creative, and Marketing.

Hunt and Gather Analysis and Strategy

Analysis & Strategy

Hunt and Gather Technology


Hunt and Gather Creative


Hunt and Gather Marketing


Hunt and Gather team members working through strategy analysis

Analysis & Strategy

Successful eCommerce takes a lot more than a good-looking website. It takes a rock-solid strategy—one that addresses the many moving parts: merchandising, marketing, financials, technology, logistics, and customer expectations. Our seasoned strategy pros understand the nuances of eCommerce. We’ll help you determine how to build new business models and transform your existing ones using your digital channels. Through data analysis and customer research, we’ll zero in on the opportunities and develop detailed plans for acting on them. We’ll also anticipate the stumbling blocks that may lie ahead, and address them proactively.

Tools We Use: Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools / Word Tracker Omniture / Treejack

The Hunt and Gather device lab


Hunt & Gather has designed, built and managed eCommerce solutions for some of the world’s most recognized brands. We’ve got the technological horsepower to handle anything from from interactive HTML / CSS based merchandising pages, to shopping cart customizations, to deep integration with ERP systems. We have experience in Magento, Shopify, ASP Storefront Dot Net, Big Commerce, Volusion, Drupal Commerce and more. Mobile commerce and mobile-friendly sites are all in a day’s work. But we don’t just get you up and running and then walk away. We’re your tech partner for the long haul.

Technology Capabilities: Technology planning, eCommerce Planning, eCommerce development, Mobile / Responsive development, Content Management System (CMS)

Hunt and Gather creatives gather for a brainstorming session


At Hunt & Gather, the creative process starts with understanding who your customers are and what they want. From there, we take an end-to-end design approach to create meaningful and immersive customer experiences that are as elegant as they are effective. From site mapping to wireframing to interactive prototyping to visual design and UX interactivity, our team of designers, information architects and user experience experts deliver consistently brilliant results. And while we’ve won quite a few awards for our creative work, winning results for your business is always our first priority.

Hunt and Gather team members setup a video shoot


When it comes to marketing, we focus on two simple goals: Helping you acquire new customers and get existing customers to buy more often. We do this using a core set of digital tools and techniques.

The right combination of data-driven marketing tools and techniques, strategically deployed and thoughtfully executed, can deliver results that catapult your business forward. Our marketing teams will develop a comprehensive plan to engage, convert and re-engage your customers. We’ve got the skill sets to execute everything from ongoing emails to SEO, SEM and more. And because you can’t optimize your marketing without measuring it, analytics are baked into everything we do.

Marketing Techniques we employ: Smartistry, Channel Analysis, Channel Attribution, SEO, PPC, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Online media, Inbound Marketing


Hunt & Gather provides comprehensive eCommerce services. Our methodology has been carefully honed over hundreds of eCommerce deployments and tens of thousands of hours of experience.

Our best practice processes, flows, templates, and code elements allow our projects to work as efficiently as possible. The result: On-time, on-budget performance that moves your business forward.

  • Strategy
  • Merchandising and Branding
  • Site Launches
  • Site Upgrades
  • Mobile Applications
  • Platform Migrations
  • Site Optimization
  • ERP Integration
  • Channel Analysis
  • Channel Attribution
  • Content Migration
  • Content Creation
  • Acquisition Marketing Programs
  • Engagement Marketing Programs
  • Marketing Automation
  • Abandonded Cart Programs


Trillions of Gigabytes, Billions of Transactions, Millions of Conversions.

Hunt and Gather clients include Golf Electricity, MTV, and the Harvard Business School
Hunt and Gather clients include Flybar, Vital Nutrients, and Dyson
Hunt and Gather's work for Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts

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Dunkin’ Donuts needed a long term, dependable business partner to help design and build its online commerce systems.

From 2003-2013 MNET (now H&G) took complete responsibility for the front and back end operations of the Dunkin’ Donuts online store— a key transactional website serving the millions of consumers who crave Dunkin’ Donuts coffee beans and branded goods but don’t live near a store.

H&G designed and built the first online stored value card system for the brand and helped build the total online customer base to over 10 million in 5 years. A half a billion in online sales of coffee and gift cards later, H&G has proven to be a vital business partner to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Hunt and Gather's work for Cloudveil

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Cloudveil makes quality mountain apparel and accessories for men and women. Hunt & Gather helped relaunch their brand with a B2C eCommerce site, using a combination of an SaaS eCommerce platform (Big Commerce) and custom designed components. The site is fully integrated into their Order Management System as well as their Warehouse Management System.

Cloudveil has an extended retail network, so in launching a B2C site they also had to be respectful of their existing retail relationships. We helped them strike the right balance.

Hunt and Gather's work for Vital Nutrients
Vital Nutrients

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Vital Nutrients is a leader in all-natural nutritional supplements and supplies to medical practitioners, hospitals, and nutrition professional globally. They looked to Hunt & Gather to launched a site to support their B2B eCommerce activities. We developed the site on the Big Commerce SaaS platform with integrations into the organization’s financial and order management systems. A complicated task, but we delivered on-time and on-budget, and continue to support their eCommerce operations today.

Hunt and Gather's work for Poliquin Group
Poliquin Group

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The Poliquin Group is a leading sports performance organization, providing coaching education, training and nutritional supplements worldwide.

For the past five years, Hunt & Gather has partnered with the Poliquin Group to design, build and maintain the retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) eCommerce platforms for their US and International operations. Reaching these distinct demographic groups required customization on multiple levels, which we delivered.

The proof: Poliquin Group’s online revenues have grown by over 1000%.

Hunt and Gather's work for Flybar

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Flybar, the inventor of the pogo stick almost 100 years ago, approached Hunt & Gather to define their eCommerce strategy and then design and build an eCommerce site. We launched the Flybar site with rich merchandising and promotional capabilities that reflect the brand's legacy while also highlighting their recent innovations. This responsive site is built using Shopify and supports both their B2C eCommerce and B2B eCommerce requirements, positioning the company for another 100 years of bouncing along.

Hunt and Gather's work for MTV
MTV Music Experiment

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H&G partnered with MTV Iggy to launch their 2013 “The Music Experiment” site and social media driven music discovery program. Users take on daily social challenges in order to win tickets to a series of secret shows throughout the country. We concepted, designed and developed the site, which features rich visuals and a fully mobile (responsive) design. The site provides ongoing engagement between MTV and their audience, and serves as an archival tool for all user-generated content, live concert streams and other media.